MechanzODuino 14+


MechanzO Robotic Kits are the perfect way to learn about Robotics.When one builds and assembles a Robot with Sensing & Controlling capabilities, one learns various aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math aka (STEM) which is regarded as the IDEAL PATH of ‘Experiential Learning’ globally learning by way of doing, and in a fun way.The kit aims at fostering creativity and building a sharp IQ in the children.

The students will have a lot of fun working on the ‘MechanzO 14 ‘ kit as well as get a taste of the ‘real-world’ coding by working on ‘C ‘ programming in the ‘IDE’ that comes as part of the standard Arduino ecosystem.

This kit enables a budding enthusiast to lay his/her hands on quite a few of the elements that help solve ‘real-world’ problems when pieced together thoughtfully.

Key features of the ‘MechanzO 14 ‘ kit are:-

  • Contains 200 parts such as Programmable Controller Disc, Sensors, Motors, Gears, Harnesses & Wheels, Metallic Plates, Bars & Shafts, Displays etc.
  • Includes the standard Arduino IDE for students to build their bots & kits’ ‘motion-sense-trigger’ logic using C programming
  • Includes a few ideas on the ‘models’ that can be built – Crazy Car, Crossing Gate, Don’t Touch Me, Line Counter, Wall Follower, Rotation Counter, Sound Identifier.
  • Includes an Assembly Guide providing step-by-step instructions to build the models.
  • The kit conforms to all common safety & environmental standards, is completely safe to use.


Some of the ‘models’ that can be built using this kit:

  • 4-Wheel Drive
  • Crazy Car
  • Crossing Gate
  • Don’t Touch Me
  • Line Counter
  • Wall Follower
  • Rotation Counter
  • Sound Identifier


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