Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software.

Generally, this program imparts specialization in the following fields:

Ø  Basic electronic

Ø  Basic computer system

Ø  Arduino Uno

Ø  The Arduino family

Ø  Arduino pin description

Ø  Arduino IDE( integrated Development Environment)

Ø  Arduino programming

Ø  Type of Sensor

Ø  Sensor interface with Arduino

Ø  Motor Driver ICs(L293D, L298N)

Ø  Projects using Arduino

Ø  Blink LED

Ø  Push button

Ø  Potentiometer

Ø  Fade Led

Ø  Scrolling led

Ø  Multiple LED

Ø  Bar graph

Ø  RGB Led

Ø  Photo resistor

Ø  LCD screen

Ø  Servo motor

Ø  Line follower

Ø  Obstacle avoider robot

Ø  Bluetooth control robot

Scope: –Arduino Carrier opportunity after these course Robotics industry, IoT field,